The perfect activity for your children in the holidays

About Us

Rosie Archer is principal tutor and founder of Sticky Fingers. She has over 10 years experience teaching Food and Nutrition in schools up to GCSE and A-level and has also managed a Design & Technology Department at Beaconsfield High School. Rosie is passionate about sharing her expertise and equipping children with the skills and techniques they need to become confident cooks themselves.

In addition to her teaching experience, Rosie has had a career in the food sector. She is an avid traveller and combines her depth of industry knowledge and passion for culturally diverse flavours, ensuring each course is designed to be an engaging and enlightening experience.

Always keen to foster a sense of consumer responsibility, Rosie prioritises the environmental impact of food choices and reducing waste as key themes throughout every course, and encourages children to become critical thinkers on these topics.

Our Aim

At Sticky Fingers we aim to instil a love of cooking and a curiosity about food which will last a lifetime. We want children to have fun and will teach them the techniques and skills they need to cook a range of healthy meals and tea-time treats.

After demonstrating the techniques required to create each dish, we build on children’s confidence by supporting them to make the dish themselves, turning their observational skills into practical ones.

A wide array of recipes and ingredients are incorporated, acting as a springboard for discussion about healthy eating habits and food origin. Children are continually inspired to experiment with flavours and cooking styles to broaden their palates and become discerning young chefs.